Menorca Lifestyle

In love with our island

We are Menorcan and proud of it. That is where the idea of creating this clothing brand was born, from a feeling of belonging, of the island, its landscapes, the people and their lifestyle.

we are local


At Menorca Republic we believe in transparency and that is why we report all the processes we carry out,we want to create a brand of Menorca and give value to local work and our island.

We acquire the garments from outside the island through an external supplier: TeeFactory. We work with them because they are associated with the B&C brand. Specifically, we have produced t-shirt modelsB&C #organic E150and sweatshirtsB&C Organic Crew Neck.

Once the product is in our hands, we workonly with local companies. To stamp our designs we trust Idees Menorquines. Regarding packaging and the production of printed elements, we have a few local companies such as: Lligall Gràfic, Nauper, Benejam Biescas, etc.

Our passion

In love with Minorca

The Menorca Republic project is born from the love for the island of two islanders. A feeling for our little rock that we want to take to the whole world.

We want to create a brand, a symbol that represents our Menorca and the island lifestyle.Our intention is that by wearing our clothes you can feel the freedom, tranquility and happiness that you experience here in Menorca.